Lotus Lasers SSLE

What is SSLE?

SSLE is an abbreviation for Sub Surface Laser Engraver.

SSLE laser systems are used to create micro fractures within some transparent materials, mostly to optical grade crystal. The industry recognised term for these micro fractures is ‘cloud points’.

With ingenious software, graphic designs and images are converted into layers of point clouds with user defined spacing. Each point cloud represents a command for the laser to fire a pulse and create a micro fracture within the material.

Different Types of SSLE Machine

There are many forms of SSLE machine and the variance can be extreme in terms of price, performance and output quality. A full explanation of the technology can be found here.

In most markets the growing demand is for high definition, high speed, multi-dimensional marking which is generally recognised as the most profitable form of SSLE work.

Such capabilities are only possible with advanced technology SSLE machines, such as the machines that we supply.

Be sure to research SSLE technology thoroughly as there are still many old technology systems on the market that are low in purchase price but extremely high in running costs. Old technology machines are not capable of high resolution marking.

Our SSLE Range

We currently have 3 systems within our SSLE range. All are high technology, high performance systems

  • SSLE-1
    Our entry level SSLE system. Small in footprint and great for high speed, high detail marking of small objects.
  • SSLE-2
    A machine capable of the highest possible detail, well suited for processing large items and/or large volume production of smaller items.
  • SSLE-3
    A system for creation of architectural SSLE work such as glass partitions, panels, windows, etc.